Young man nails the chorus to ‚Dance With My Father‘ Even Simon can’t help but raise his hands

Joseph McElderry is from South Shields in the United Kingdom. Back in 2009, he auditioned for The X Factor UK and sang “Dance With My Father” in front of millions. Within seconds of hearing his voice, the crowd was completely blown away. His talent was undeniable from the get-go. Coupling his charismatic charm and contagious voice with his beautiful smile, Joseph instantly impressed the judges. Even Simon Cowell couldn’t help but raise his hand to the sound of Joseph’s voice!

The best part of the video below though is when it cuts to Joseph’s family. His entire family was standing backstage cheering for him. They even wore matching t-shirts to help support their talented singer! I love seeing an entire family rally behind a family member and provide the support and love that is necessary to make dreams come true. It just warms my heart.