10-Year-Old Belts Out Celine Dion Classic, Judges Immediately Turn Around To See Who’s Singing

For anyone interested in music, and reality TV shows, watching shows like “The Voice” is a no-brainer. I can sit in front of the TV for hours watching back-to-back episodes of this show, especially when it comes to the kids’ auditions. The children remind me every day to follow my passion, and I love to reassure myself that the future of our entertainment industry is in solid hands.

“The Voice” is a show aired around the world, and people from all walks of life can audition in their independent country. So, when 13-year-old Giedie Laroco’s performance started doing the rounds, we had to share it!

The little superstar stepped on the stage of “The Voice Kids Philipines” and took everyone by storm. She chose to sing a classic Celine Dion song and boy, did she deliver!

As soon as she begins to belt out “Power of Love” one of the judges immediately pushes the button to face the little girl; this was under five seconds, and we’re sure the judge just wanted to see who was on stage about to cause an uproar with her powerful voice. Giedie’s parents can also be seen clapping and jumping up and down backstage, as soon as the coach turned her seat around.

The girl gets ample praise for her powerhouse performance, and we must say that we haven’t heard a voice like this one in a very long time! It’s pretty evident that Giedie will go far in her run on the show, and even after!