14-year-old girl buys and flips a house. Once you see inside? WOW!

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Willow Tufano is not your average 14-year-old teenage girl. She believes that “trash day = treasure day” and since a very young age has started to buy things or find things on the street curb and turn around and make a profit off of the item.

She had eventually saved up $6,000 from buying and selling people’s trash and saw a listing for a house when the housing market was very low. The house was valued at $100,000, but on a short sale was going for $16,000. Willow was able to negotiate the price with the seller and purchase it for a total of $12,000!

She borrowed the other half from her mom and is in the process of paying her mom back the full $6,000 she borrowed and is now a landlord to a tenant.

Can you imagine if you were renting from a 14 year old? What an incredibly driven young lady!