16 Skaters Line Up – Their Moves Have The Crowd In Total Uproar

During the 2015 World Synchronized Skating Championship, Canada’s Nexxice team put on an incredible performance that was unlike others. In fact, it was so extraordinary and well done that it helped earn them the gold medal. But their winning title was not simply because of their talent alone, but their unique creativity and flawless teamwork which stood out among the rest. All of the countless hours of practice paid off in the most incredible way.

Once team Canada is positioned as a group, the recording starts, but it’s not just the camera pointed in their direction. All attention is immediately drawn towards them because they are not dressed in your typical skating attire, but instead wearing long-sleeved black tops, leggings, frilly skirts, and belts. The typical pastels, sparkles, and glitter is nowhere to be seen. Nexxice makes one large lap around the ice, while the audience cheers in support. This is where it gets even better.

Anticipation builds with every passing second, and all of a sudden the music starts, and it too is not what you are expecting. It is a country-rock song called „MUD“ by The Road Hammers, full of harmonicas, tambourines, and twang! Their skate routine goes along with the song in a fun country-style (which they perform magnificently). Everything is very upbeat and exciting. The audience was 100% engaged by now. They have a way of pulling at your heartstrings the way you can tell that the team is actually enjoying themselves rather than just skating for the championship medal. It is awesome to see that through their passion for what t