2-Year-Old Girl Melts Hearts as She Joins Half-Time Performance of the Cheerleaders

Everyone says that 2-year-old kids can be a handful, calling this stage as the „terrible two“ yet this is also an age where kids can be their most adorable ever!

Just check out this cheeky little girl who melted hearts when she joined a half-time performance of some cheerleaders at a game she and her family were watching.

The young girl started out by marching at the back of the group but just like many little kids, she knows how to imitate adults really well. She would soon jump into their routine, shaking her hips to the music as she saw the older girls doing it.

It was really quite obvious that the girl was having the time of her life and that’s just great because a much older kid joining a performance would have garnered more frowns than cheers from the viewers! In fact, this girl and her parents did get some bashing on social media as many netizens thought she was an entitled brat who ruined the performance just because she wants to get famous.

But many were more impressed with her cuteness and wished they could be as carefree as this happy little girl. She danced with gusto and really loved what she was doing. It was such a beautiful sight to see.

Do you think her parents should have stopped her from joining the cheerleaders?