345-pound woman makes life-changing decision to lose weight. Her transformation is incredible

Tracy was never blessed with a good body. No matter how much she tried to ignore the teasing, bullying, and mean comments about her weight, she secretly suffered. She wasn’t one of those girls who had “great metabolisms” and never put on weight. Instead, she felt the effect of each piece of food she ate. At one point, Tracy felt she would be overweight for the rest of her life. Moreover, she felt hopeless – there was nothing she could do about her weight.

But the harsh realities of being overweight and obese soon caught up to Tracy. She knew she needed to change, but she didn’t know where to start. Tracy was in desperate need of help, and a friend answered the call.

Slowly but surely, the two carved out an action plan, and it soon set into motion. Tracy began to eat healthier, and she started to exercise consistently. While the lifestyle change was difficult to embrace at first, Tracy refused to give up. She wanted to quit in the beginning, but persevered through the pain and torment.

Eventually, she began to feel better about herself. Tracy learned to play tennis, climb walls, and run a marathon. These are experiences Tracy had never previously had.

Just wait until you see what she looks like at the very end of this process! Tracy is proof that anyone can accomplish their dreams and goals.