90-Yr-Old dancing grandma goes viral. Watch why so many people fell in love with her

I must admit, dancing has never been my forte. Out of the many things that I can do fairly well, dancing has never been one of them. Ever since I can remember I always swayed to the side of sports, so being a good dancer was never a priority. Pretty much all the guys and girls that I met along the line were not good dancers, either. So, when it was time for me to mingle and dance, I was out.

A few of my neighbors were very good at it. One of them who was very good, was sent to dance class. Why? Well, it turns out his mother was a ballet dancer. She had even studied at one of those fancy art schools abroad. She had met his father in one of her courses and had lived in Russia for a few years.

This friend had also attended dance lessons and his parents were very strict and serious that he would get a „complete“ education. He had a lot of flexibility, but he was not very big at sports. Sometimes, we went out running together, but that was pretty much it. One day, I got curious about dancing and he suggested that I go to one of the beginner classes that his mother taught.

Reluctantly, I agreed. I „sat in“ the class only to see if I liked it. I tried a couple of the moves they were teaching and was fairly good at it, but not good. I got discouraged and stop attending. I figured that in „my world“ I had not really needed to know how to dance, so I didn’t really need to learn. I thanked his mother for the class and went home. My parents asked me how it had gone, and I told them that it had been okay. At least I had tried.

Throughout my life, I managed to meet other people who had been blessed with dancing abilities. Some of them had taken dancing lessons, but the rest had picked it up on their own. I remember that one of my friends had always been a great dancer. He would even take part in the school’s talent search event every year. He had this act where he would dance like a robot. Everyone loved him, and he would almost always win.

Well, I just ran across a video that really took me by surprise. A 90-year-old grandma asks her grandson to record her while she dances. She wanted to do it as a tribute to the late Whitney Houston. I had always considered myself to have two left feet, but this grandma has won the hearts of millions with her joy for dancing. So, without further ado, get ready for your heart to melt!