A Boy Hears A Strange Noise Coming From The Trash, And What He Finds? OMG!

When you read this story, you’re going to be so happy to learn that a 13 year old boy called Jonathan Flatt rescued six puppies from inside a trash bag. When Jonathan was on his way to school in Albuquerque, he heard strange sounds coming from a trash bag. Instead of moving along, he decided to investigate and made a shocking discovery – 6 puppies stuffed like raged clothes in a trash bag.

Jonathan immediately called his mom because he realized that they were abandoned and probably very hungry too. The puppies were so tiny that it was impossible to believe that they were taken away from their mommy at such an infant age. The puppies took their time to trust the Flatt family, but in the end they were more than thankful to Jonathan and his family for saving them.

Of the six puppies, two have already found their forever loving homes too! Thanks to Jonathan and the Flatt family all of them will soon find their homes!