A boy rams his shopping cart into this man’s leg three times. What the camera catches at 0:22 is a hard lesson.

This video taken at a supermarket shows a young boy ramming a kid-size shopping cart against a man’s leg. The boy’s mother appears to have no interest in keeping her son under control and doesn’t even intervene when the man complains to her.

But at 0:22 the man clearly has enough and teaches the boy a lesson he won’t soon forget:

The man quickly grabs a milk carton from the shopping cart, opens it and proceeds to pour the milk over the child’s head. The boy’s smile quickly disappears and he begins to cry. Finally his mother reacts by picking up her son and leaving the store. Opinions are divided. Did the boy and his mother get what they deserved? Did the man overreact? How would you have reacted if you were in this man’s shoes?