A Cat Was Stuck Under A Truck. The Driver Went 50 Miles Until He Heard The Meows

A little cat was stick in a spring in a truck with no way out on his own. The truck driver drove 50 miles until he heard meows coming from under the truck. He immediately stopped to see what was going on. When he saw the cat, he was shocked.

Without hesitation, he took apart the truck to rescue the poor kitty. Despite being stuck in what looks like a very uncomfortable position, the cat remained very calm during the rescue. The truck driver was eventually able to free the kitty, who was thankfully unharmed.

It’s unknown how the cat got in there in the first place, but it seems like he was just being a typical curious cat! 50 miles was a long way to be trapped under there, but thank goodness he was rescued before the situation got any worse! The kitten is now free, and he has the truck driver to thank for that! Watch the rescue in the video below: