A Pit Bull And A Rabbit Cuddle Up For A Nap. But At :44, Holy Fountain Of Cuteness!

Pit bulls have earned the reputation of being ferocious dogs. Fighting dog rings are to blame for this, and here’s one pit bull who’s determined to put those myths to rest. One would think that putting a bunny near a pit bull would result in a horrific scene, but that turns out now to be the case.

This pooch couldn’t be more content with the soft fluffy animals sitting on the couch with it, eating their meals. In fact, it’s so contented that it takes a nap right in the middle of it all. One of the baby bunnies even decides to take a rest on one of the dog’s paws, seemingly begging for the pooch to wake up so they can play together.

Once it’s up, though, it offers both the bunny and the nearby guinea pig a few kisses for good measure! Share away, people