Abandoned In Drain For ONE Month, This Dog Ate Nothing But Garbage

Goldie is a sweet dog, but her former owner was so cruel that he abandoned the dog in a stormwater drain. Stuck in a deep hole, the dog was continually drenched with rainwater. The evil owner even put the lid on top of the drain, leaving the dog with no way of saving herself.

Goldie was down there for an entire month. Without food, the poor dog had to eat non-edible materials like plastic from garbage around her.

By floating atop the garbage in the drain, she survived, but was in extremely poor health. When someone discovered her, it was almost too late.

“Barking until no sound came out, she could not attract attention,” a refuge called Barc 4BaliDogs shared. “Scared…hungry…alone…we can only imagine the depth of suffering she experienced.”

When a local man heard about Goldie’s situation, he went to the drain directly, climbed in himself and dragged the dog out. But the dog was in extremely poor situation and there was a long way for her to go.

Goldie needed surgery to have the plastic removed from her body, but it was doubtful that she would make it through the procedure.

Luckily, Goldie survived the surgery. But she suffered from regurgitation issues, and as she was so thin from the malnourishment, she caught pneumonia. She was still facing a grave future.

Rescuers brought the dog to her foster home, where she struggled to survive in the company of another pup named Shem.

“The least of her problems was a nasty, smelly, fungal infection,” Barc 4BaliDogs explained. “Even when she was too weak to stand on her own, she always had the strength to wag her tail when anyone came close.”

Two months later, the dog could play with other pups for a few minutes, but her situation was not what her rescuers had hoped.

“Her lungs continued to be a problem, [and] her skin got worse not better,” added Barc 4BaliDogs.

Luckily, her foster family said they would stay with her forever.

One year after she was rescued, the dog is doing much better now. She can stand and play, and does not have to visit the vet so often.

As a sweetheart, the dog is so grateful to have a home. She wags to everyone who visits her home.

This dog’s survival story is a real miracle. Goldie’s rescuers and foster family have restored our hope in humanity.