Adorable Golden Retriever Is TRYING To Sleep With Three Kittens, Now Watch His Face When The Orange Kitten Finally Goes To Lay Down!

This remarkably patient Golden Retriever pooch is trying so hard to take a little nap, but he’s being closely guarded by three adorable feline friends! Take a look at the video below and you’ll soon be captivated by the cuteness of this sweet pup and his little bitty buddies.

This video is certainly proof that a dog can be completely comfortable surrounded by kittens! Just watching these delightful friends lounging around is sure to brighten up your day! If you like dogs and cats then you’ve certainly come to the right place!

The video is set to a very soothing melody and everyone looks so content, well, everyone except for the little orange kitten. He’s quite busy scratching and cleaning. And he chooses to do all of his grooming right on top of the sleepy dog, but watch the look on the indulgent dog’s face when the busy kitten finally decides to find a place to settle down for a little snooze. His expression is absolutely priceless!

Don’t they all look so comfy? They’re all snuggled up so closely together. Just watching them makes you want to lay down beside them all to take a nap right there with them. Did this video brighten your day? To know the rest of the story, hit the play button. Also remember to hit the like button and share with your friends and relatives.