Girl Hits Baboon With Food, Baboon Hits Girl With Poo

A family went to the Tiger World in Rockwell, North Carolina recently. Dad was taking a video of the girls as they approached the enclosure of a baboon. Then the girl and her family were pelleted with baboon poop! The baboon was clearly agitated when he flung his feces toward the family.

You can tell something bad is about to happen because the monkey bangs on the cage a few times and then picks something up. The feces he picked up got on one the face of one of the little girls. Some also got on the man holding the camera’s shirt. You can tell by the man’s reaction that the sample was fresh and must have had a disgusting odor!

There have been other videos from the same zoo that show aggressive behavior from the baboons. Hope that doesn’t mean the baboons are being mistreated.