Baby Looks At Dog, Challenges Him To Howling

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that the strangest noises can entice them to howl. It may be a firetruck’s siren, a particular song or even a baby’s cry that strikes them. That’s exactly what happened with this pup – as soon as he heard his human brother communicating with him while he howled, he jumped right into a full-blown competition. Within seconds, the two were going back and forth with their own adorable howls.

Even though many of us assume that dogs howl strictly to communicate with one another, the Ceasar’s Way website explains that there are a few other fascinating reasons they do so. The site explains that dogs howl for five primary purposes. One cause of a howling dog could be due to injury. Ceasar Milan says that if you notice your pup crying or „talking“ more than usual, it may be time for a vet trip. 

Another reason dogs howl is when they experience separation anxiety from their human companions. Being left alone is hard for some dogs and they howl as a way of communicating their sadness. Dogs also howl due to their ancestral DNA. Wolves have howled for thousands of years and do so to alert the pack of danger, food, and other important messages.

So when this baby heard his beloved pupper howling, he knew that he had to join along. Dad filmed as his furry family member howled back and forth with his son. This was the howling competition of a lifetime, and we’re just glad he had his camera nearby. Take a peek at this adorable moment for yourself by pressing „play“ on the video below. By the looks of things here, these two are going to be best friends forever.