Everyone loves this beach, keep your eyes on the skyline to see why

Nature is awesome, especially when it shows you just how powerful it can be without actually hurting you. That’s what happens at this enclosed beach in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. Massive waves pound into the rocks, waves that anyone in their right mind would normally be staying well away from — but the rocks keep the beach-goers from being washed away, and turns the power of nature into something to be entertained by while enjoying a sunny day.

We agree with Matador Network’s Alex Scola: „I can’t decide which I was more impressed by: witnessing the massive wave that hits the reef islands at Playa Puerto Nuevo at 0:34, or the fact that not a single person at the whole beach seems to be remotely bothered by the event whatsoever.“

If you visited this beach, would you be watching every wave to make sure it doesn’t make it over the wall, or will you be chilling out feeling safe from the ocean?