Because Of A Weird Skin Condition, This Guys Head Is Basically A Suction Cup

Although he’s been called the „human suction cup“ and „can head,“ Jamie Keeton is making a hefty living off of a bizarre skin disorder that allows him stick bottles and cans to his head like a magnet.

And it’s more than just a party trick. The Illinois man claims that he makes $8,000 a day by sticking totems with companies‘ names on them directly to his head. Indeed, just this year, he beat the Guinness world record for carrying the most cans on his head at one time.

As Keeton said in the video, nobody knows exactly why he can do this. From a medical standpoint, his condition doesn’t even have a name. Doctors believe that it has something to do with his unusual body heat, since his internal temperature hovers around 100 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.