Big Brother Helps Little Brother Escape from Crib, But Baby’s Mischievous Expression Wins the Internet

Kids are truly a bundle of joy and fun but as many parents have witnessed, time and again they are also a bundle of trouble. A pair of brothers had recently gone viral after the big one helped his little brother escape from the crib but it was the baby’s mischievous expression that won the internet.

Oliver and his little brother Finn often star in home videos taken by their parents. The Lanning family documents their daily lives as they raise their kids in the YouTube channel, Daily Bumps. Many of their videos come from the nanny cam installed in the boys rooms.

In one such video, little Finn could be heard shouting as he was surely feeling bored inside the room by himself. Moments later, big hero Oliver arrives to check what was wrong. Quickly realizing that his brother wants to get out of the crib, Oliver gets a chair and gingerly puts it inside the crib.

Then, he climbs right in to demonstrate to the baby how the escape plan has to be carried out. LOL. Afterwards, he urges the baby to follow what he did and the young one actually did!

But before climbing on to the chair to escape the crib, little Finn looks mischievously at the nanny camera, as if knowing that he was doing something he wasn’t supposed to. Cheeky little monkey!

Could he escape the crib successfully? Check out this adorable video and have a good laugh at this mischievous baby: