Bride And Groom Promised A Romantic 1st Dance, But Even This Guests Never Saw Coming

When Harry proposed to Jane, they were thrilled to spend the rest of their lives together. Raising children, traveling the world and just enjoying each other’s presence for eternity was enough to make their hearts flutter. But when it came time to plan the wedding, Jane was focused on one important detail — there was no messing around when it came to this…

As rock fans, Jane wanted to incorporate their love of music into their first dance. Instead of picking some lovey-dovey track that’s been done a million times before, she selected a tune that no one would expect. In addition to the interesting song choice, she and Harry spent months planning and practicing their routine. The family members, friends and coworkers expecting a cookie-cutter routine were about to be blown out of the water! So when their big day finally rolled around, Harry and Jane were excited to show their loved ones their dancing skills. Would everyone love their fun routine? Or would it be a total nightmare?

As soon as their song started to play over the loudspeaker, Harry and Jane got into place. This was the moment they had been waiting for (besides the actual ceremony, of course). Sure enough, their routine went off without a hitch and their guests were screaming in excitement. This definitely wasn’t like anything they’d seen before — especially for a first dance! Their moves continued on throughout the song, and they even threw a couple shocking tricks in there to spice things up. Everyone was astounded by their dance moves, the song choice and how well they moved together. If the first dance is any indication of the marriage, Harry and Jane will spend a lifetime together filled with love, spontaneity and happiness!