Brothers Sculpt Unbelievable Snow Octopus That Stands Taller Than Their House

When you think about building things out of snow, you most likely think of a snowman — generally a small one, or at least no bigger than the tallest member of your family.

If you’re talented and daring enough, you may even try to build an igloo.

However, that’s usually the extent of it for most people. It’s not simple and easy to create these sculptures out of melting snow, so we usually have our fun and go inside for some hot chocolate, right?

Not if you’re talking to the Bartz brothers. The three siblings, Austin, Trevor, and Connor, are absolutely crazy about building much more than just snowmen.

They have built countless huge snow sculptures of creatures and animals that tower over the height of their own house! The images of these creations are unbelievable — it truly looks fake because of how big and precise they are!

The brothers have really gotten it down to a science. They actually take snow into their garage, where they let it sit for about 45 minutes. Eventually, they take it back outside to start building when it’s at the best consistency.

Can you imagine how this all started? These boys are incredibly talented, and they definitely have a good head on their shoulders too! Listen to what the Bartz brothers say about their creations and what it means to them!