Mom Thinks Her Baby Died In The Fire – Until One Fireman Jumps Into Her Burning House

In one of the most intense rescue videos we’ve ever seen, firefighter Bob Swick climbed head first into a burning home without a second thought. What could be inside that would make such a huge risk worthwhile? Well, it turns out one of the most precious things on earth was close to certain death: a tiny baby named Chelsea.

With Chelsea’s mom screaming outside, begging for her baby to be okay, Bob Swick was inside that burning house for far too long. All anyone could do was wait and pray. As the smoke began to get thicker and thicker, it began to seem as if something was wrong for Swick. Not only was baby Chelsea surely deceased, but the fire had taken another life.

It seemed too long, so Scott Lewis rushes up the ladder to see if he can save his friend. But it’s right at that moment that Swick bursts free from the smoke like out of an action movie, he passes off the lifeless baby in his hands to Lewis. Lewis, not missing a beat, rips off his mask and immediately begins to breath into her little mouth as he’s climbing backwards down the ladder. While baby Chelsea suffered some injuries, we’re happy to report that she left the hospital a week after this video was filmed and is now a teenager who no doubt respects first responders a great deal!

Warning: The footage might be hard to watch, but thankfully baby Chelsea survives this harrowing ordeal!