Bus Driver Spots Suicidal Woman on Bridge. But What Driver Immediately Does Is Going Viral

Suicide is a horrific tragedy. But with the right help, it can sometimes be avoided.
Darnell Barton was just your everyday bus driver in Buffalo, New York. But when he saw a troubled-looking woman contemplating jumping off a bridge, he became a national hero.

Barton gently asked the woman if she was OK, stepped off of his bus, and put his arm around her. She climbed back to his side of the guardrail, and the two sat and worked through her problems.
Watch Barton’s heroic act of kindness here:

“She was distraught, she was distant, she was really disconnected,” said Barton of his interaction with the young lady. “I was supposed to be there for her at that moment, and I was.”

Barton said that no matter what the young lady’s problems that day were, he was determined to help her through them. “Whatever it is, it’s not as serious as jumping onto the 198.”

“I’m a football guy, so when you sit on the bench and the coach calls your number, you gotta go in and make a play, and you gotta do what the play calls for.” Yes, Darnell Barton is well deserving of the title, “Hero.”