Dog Left Chained For 10 Years Finally Gets To Leave Her Private Hell

Have you ever had to sit in one spot for an hour with nothing to do? It feels unbearable, doesn’t it? Now imagine having to do that for ten years without having any human interaction. That’s what this dog had to go through. The dog has no blanket, no toys, and nothing to consider her own.

She didn’t even have a shelter to keep her out of the snow and sleet so that she could stay warm and dry. To make matters worse, her owners would urinate on her from the porch. Talk about disgusting. One would think that the British Columbia SPCA would have stepped in to do something, but calls have been made to them for the past ten years, and nothing has been done for her. Animal Advocates of British Columbia finally stepped in to offer the dog some treatment and well-deserved love.

She was matted with hair, covered in feces and
urine, and could barely walk because of her painful hips. She even found
her own forever home with a loving family.