Child Sees A Pregnant Sheep, But When Mom Tells Her To Do THIS? Speechless.

Living on a farm is hard work, but the exposure to all the different animals can teach a child a lot of responsibility. There’s animals to be fed, groomed and walked so that they can stay happy and healthy. And Lilly is certainly living up to her responsibilities.

When one of the resident sheep of the farm was ready to give birth, Lilly stepped right in to lend a hand. Literally. This isn’t the first lamb she’s helped to give birth to either, and the mama sheep sits calmly by while Lilly helps to get her baby out. She seems to have a little difficulty, given how slippery the lamb must feel, but she manages to pull through on her own.

Lilly definitely has the makings for a little farmer within her, and it’s likely she’ll continue to take up the calling with her mother, helping around where she can. Share away, people!