Cockatoo Goes Absolutely Nuts When Dad Asks Her To Go Inside The Cage…

The video below features a hilarious cockatoo named Pebble. I am sure you have come across some of her videos before as well. She is back with a new video, but you might want to watch it with caution since she is not on her best behavior here. Her owner asked her to back in her cage, but her response was not what he expected.

Pebble lived in around 10 homes in the period of 20 years before she found sanctuary in Canada’s Saskatoon Parrot Rescue. As you might have already guessed, she wasn’t taken care of very nicely in her previous homes. One of the rescuers says she might have learnt such “language” before she came to the establishment. Whenever she sees something she doesn’t like, she tells it like it is. Take for example the clip below!

Listen to Pebble’s rant here!