Crowd loses it when they hear his ‘example’ of what people without kids don’t understand

I have many friends who have kids and they all have different takes on parenthood, but if there’s one thing they can all agree with is the fact that becoming a parent totally transforms your life in a way that you can only truly understand once you become a parent yourself.

Most of my friends with kids have only a foggy image of what their lives used to be before a tiny person entered their lives and started taking up all of their time.
Now, as a parent, you surely love your children to the Moon and back, but don’t say it’s anything you’d expected to be. Raising a child takes up by surprise every single day. It’s a point the comedian in the video below tried to make using humor, and his act will definitely make you laugh out loud.
If you’re a parent, then you will surely relate to what’s said in this performance. His perspective and outlook on the subject is spot on. Only someone who is a parent himself could have come up with jokes that are so relatable to parents everywhere.
P.S. The comedian’s impression of the kids is dead-on!