Curious Cat Spots Hedgehog On Couch, Quickly Regrets Her Hilarious ‘Investigation’ Of It

The saying goes that curiosity killed the cat. Well, whoever came up with that quote may have had this cat in mind. She may be too curious for her own good, but her wacky antics have captured the hearts of millions.

Lily is an eight-month-old cat who lives with her loving owner. Recently, though, she has brought home a strange new pet. As soon as the kitty saw this bizarre creature she knew she needed to take a closer look. But that decision cost her dearly.

Lily strolled by as Lucy, a 15-month-old African pigymy hedgehog, rested quietly on her towel. This was a strange sight, and it was up to Lily to investigate.

She laid down next to the hedgehog and stuck out a paw. She tapped the little fellow on her big spikes, but as the hedgehog jumped the cat quickly retreated. The spiky creature had startled the kitty, but she wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

Lily stretched out her arm again, but she jumped out of fear of the hedgehog. What was this strange thing, anyway? In a daring move, the cat crept closer to the pokey newcomer, but she pulled back just as fast. This girl had no desire to be spiked.

Still, she had to know what this weird thing was! That’s when the cat got another genius idea. Maybe if she was too scared to examine this little friend, she could find out more in a different way. Lily stood up and turned her body around.

Slowly she lowered her legs and swished her fluffy tail around her. Maybe the cat thought she could cuddle with Lucy, but she was in for a real surprise. This little action did not at all go as planned.

Lily sat down on top of Lucy, who poked her right in her bottom! The kitty instantly jumped up and ran off. That was definitely not the outcome she was expecting.

Lily’s owner couldn’t help but laugh at her cat got the shock of a lifetime. She might not know what hedgehogs are yet, but she will never sit on one, EVER AGAIN.

“You don’t sit on the hedgehog!” the owner warned and continued laughing. Lucy just sat still the entire time, seemingly unaware of the scene she had just caused.