Dad And Daughter Record Hilarious Lip Sync With 4 Million Views, And Mom Hears About It!

The road trip has to be one of the greatest forms of family fun. It is a chance to be with your loved ones, stress free, seeing brand new parts of the world. There are plenty of opportunities to laugh, talk, and learn new things.

Of course, one of the problems of driving long distances is finding a way to pass the time. Talking can grow tiring, and sometimes the terrain can be too constant. If there is not enough stimulation, one can quickly become bored.

This dad and daughter did a road trip of their own, and they had the perfect plan to keep themselves entertained. They put on their favorites songs and started lip syncing. The resulting video was absolutely epic.

Chris O’Malley and his teenage daughter are two people who love a good time. They are both outgoing, and they aren’t afraid to be silly. As they were driving, they got the great idea to record the fun. The millions of viewers who have fallen in love with this video are glad they did it.

The two grooved to “Timber” by Pitbull, featuring Ke$ha. The song, released in 2013, has stellar vocals and a catchy beat. It is no wonder the two picked this tune to jam to as they drove around the country.

Ke$ha’s voice is first in the song, so Chris’s daughter took the lead. She first starts nodding her head to get a feel for the rhythm, but as soon as the lyrics start this girl shows how fearless she is.

This trendy teen exudes an enormous amount of confidence as she mouths the words along with the artist. Her facial expressions are on point, and she is clearly having a blast.

The whole time dad is driving calmly. He even takes a drink from his giant cup, trying to look as boring as possible. Then when Pitbull’s part comes on Chris explodes with energy.

This dad has definitely been practicing. He flawlessly lip syncs every line, adding in hard facial expressions and plenty of hand gestures.

These two are hilarious! No matter which one is grooving to the beat, the other one tries to look as serious as possible. The result makes the video even more funny than it would have been otherwise.

I bet you won’t be able to watch this video without busting out a smile. This duo is the perfect example of how close every dad and daughter should be.