Dad calls home to his little girl – what she answers is now moving millions

The apple rarely falls far from the tree as they say. And it’s certainly the case for little Emilia, who has clearly taken from her parents humor. Her father usually calls home when on business trips, and Emilia thinks it’s now her turn to take his call. And boy, does she make the very most of it!

And it turns out, little Emilia is quite the expert at speaking on the phone. It’s quite obvious that Emelia has seen her parents speak on the phone before – she knows just how to do it. She casually paces around in circles, gesturing with her hands just as adults do.

Dad may not understand everything she says, but that doesn’t matter. His daughter has plenty to talk about, including food (num nummies) and insects (buggies). Check out the clip below. This is absolutely adorable!