Dad Is Re-Watching Video Of Daughter’s Birth When He Notices Something He Missed The First Time

Recording the birth of a child is something that many parents do so that they can enjoy the experience when the child is older.

One man watched the video of his daughter’s birth, but there was something he saw that he missed while they were in the hospital.

Dad Is ReWatching Video Of Daughter s Birth When He Notices Something He Missed The First Time 0The man is a Christian comedian named Michael Jr. Being on stage is nothing new for him, and he is accustomed to being the center of attention by those in the audience. There is something that his daughter enjoys about her father that he never really paid attention to until he looked at videos of her after she was born. When she would cry, Michael’s voice would seem to soothe her and get her to stop.

While in the hospital, his daughter would cry in the room. He would tell her he loves her, and that would make her stop. She would also open her eyes. He didn’t understand the impact that his voice would have on his daughter until he watched how she acted once she was at home. This is something that Michael wants others to do when crying in life and going through trials. They need to listen for the Father to speak to them and calm their fears.