These Dancers (With Superhuman Quads) Are Downright Mesmerizing.

Folk dances are one of the most beautiful ways people can express and represent their country. The vibrant costumes coupled with lively music gives you a glimpse into the region and its customs. There is one dance, however, that showcases physical strength with gravity defying footwork.

The P. Virsky Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble has travelled the world showcasing their famous Hopak or jumps. In one of their rehearsal sessions, the company of dancers move to the music in a fast pace, all the while performing a perfectly-timed choreography of acrobatic high kicks and spins. As the tempo picks up, the men match it with ease.

And if the dance appears to be a show of courage and virile; it is. Historically the Hopak was a victory dance celebrated by soldiers after returning from a triumphant battle. Get ready for an almost five minute routine of dizzying and boisterous dance moves.