This Dog Lies Down In Front Of These Strange Babies… Now Watch What The One On The End Does!

Dottie Jayne, a 12-year-old Jack Russell lives in Knotts Island, N.C. and earlier this month, she became a mom! Ok, hold on, before you think that isn’t possible – she didn’t actually give birth, Dottie Jayne adopted piglets (see now, she became a mom)! Sophie, Courtney Culpepper Waterfield’s pig, gave birth to piglets.

Sophie rejected her newborns and didn’t allow them to nurse. Courtney wasn’t sure what she was going to do – but Dottie Jayne knew what to do! Dottie Jayne jumped into action! She has kept a close eye on the tiny pink piglets from the moment of their birth! She has even started to produce milk for her new family! Watch the video below!

So while Sophie maybe wasn’t quite ready to be a mom, Dottie Jayne proved she was up to the task! The lesson in this story – we have to look out for each other!