Dog Is Abandoned For Years, Until One Day She Recognizes A Familiar Smell That Changes Her Life

Pakita was found wandering the streets in Argentina before she was rescued and brought into a shelter a few hours’ drive south of Buenos Aries. She stayed there for two long years, slowly growing depressed and withdrawn, her chances of adoption slipping away as the days passed.

Volunteers at the shelter wanted to find a way to spark interest in her adoption, so they posted a photo of her to attract the attention of potential adopters. It was this photo that connected her to her previous owner in a serendipitous moment when the owner’s mother responded, claiming her son had been searching for Pakita!

Shortly after the discovery, the rightful owner Ariel Naveira came down to the shelter to be reunited with Pakita. In the video, upon his arrival, the dog is hesitant. The pup doesn’t immediately bond with him. She barks and looks around hesitantly. Even looking at him doesn’t jog memories – yet.

Pakita begrudgingly saunters up, whimpering, sniffing and trying to sort out her current state of affairs, until suddenly, she recognizes his smell. She lowers, her tail wagging furiously and her body language changing from standoffish to full on approachable. She nuzzles in and shows her devotion and love and relief by jumping and outwardly showing her affection through kisses and licks.

This much-anticipated reunion has a very happy ending. Click below to see how thrilled both man and dog are to have found each other at long last.