She Was Brought To A Shelter Too Weak To Even Sit Up. What Follows Has Me In Tears.

The life of a stray dog is nothing but hell on earth, to be honest.
They have no idea if they’re going to be safe and sound to see tomorrow,
let alone what they’re going to eat for the day. Usually when people
see stray dogs, they ignore them, but let’s understand that dogs didn’t
choose the life of a stray, they were forced because of lack of spay and
neuter information.

This is the story of a poor dog called Lemon who was brought to the
shelter and she weighed just 2.5 pounds. Not only was the poor pup weak,
she also suffered from hypothermia and was extremely dehydrated. The
severely emaciated dog couldn’t walk, let alone sit upright all by
herself. The shelter placed a feeding tube to help Lemon gain weight.

The good news is that Lemon found her forever loving home! We wish
her and her family all the best and happy to learn that Lemon won’t ever
have to worry about anything anymore!