Dog Risks Her Life To Save Her Drowning Puppies After Hearing Their Cries For Help

There’s very few things as powerful as the love a mother has for her children – in any species.

This video footage captures the moment a mother to 12 recently born puppies risks her life by burying underneath a building after flooding in the area of Tel Aviv, Israel, endangered their lives.

According to the caption posted with the video on Facebook, two soldiers were doing their best to assist in the rescue mission, as the gap was clearly too small for any grown human to fir through. They direct the canine to the gap, and allow her to listen out for her puppies’ whimpers for help.

After desperately yelping in return, pacing the ground and looking up at the soldiers in what looks like a plead for help, the mother plunges herself into the muddy puddle and burrows her way underneath the house.

Unfortunately, despite the mother’s truly heroic efforts, the original Facebook post revealed that five of the twelve pups sadly died as a result of drowning. It also urges people in the area to adopt dogs from the Let The Animals Live animal shelter in Kfar Ruth, near Modi’in.

This is truly heartbreaking stuff, but I hope the mother and her pups are now safe and able to go to a happy home(s).