Dog Tries To Wake Up Sleeping Pig – Pig’s Response Has Internet Rolling On Floor With Laughter

Have you ever had to wake someone up from a deep sleep? Most of us have. It isn’t easy. If that person is sound asleep and has no desire to wake up, they won’t. Waking up a sleeping person is one thing, but waking up a sleeping pig is another.

One family recently videotaped their dog trying to wake up another family pet, a pig. The pig is lying on the floor in a deep sleep. He appears to be pretty comfortable and is enjoying his nap. He can even be heard snoring.

The family dog isn’t happy about it. He wants the pig to wake up and play with him. There’s no time for napping when they could be playing a fun game of chase. The dog knows just what to do. He starts barking at the sleeping pig, hoping it will wake up.

He barks at it for several minutes and even runs around so he can be heard from all sides. Still, the pig doesn’t move. He is just lying there and ignoring the dog. It’s hard to believe that the pig could sleep through the dog’s loud barking, but he’s either sleeping or playing opossum.

The dog isn’t going to give up, though. If barking won’t get his buddy up, he will just have to get physical with it. He starts to pounce on the pig with his front paws. He barks as he jumps on the pig’s stomach over and over again. At one point, he thinks he may have woken the pig and gets a little nervous.

He starts to dart away, thinking the pig is going to chase after him. He wanted to play a game of chase, but not an angry game. After all, that pig is a lot bigger than him.  It takes a pretty brave dog to attempt to wake a pig from a deep sleep.

What if the pig doesn’t want to play? What if he is mad at the dog and wants to attack him? The owners probably wouldn’t let anything like that happen, but the dog isn’t taking any chances.

Once he realizes the pig isn’t chasing after him, he goes back to trying to wake him up. He continues to walk all around the pig, barking and occasionally pounding on its big stomach. The pig still sleeps soundly. It really makes you wonder if this pig has hearing problems. How is he not waking up with all this commotion?

The dog is literally jumping on him, and he is still sound asleep like nothing is happening. Forget sleeping like a baby; I want to sleep like a pig. Finally, after several minutes of barking and pouncing, the pig jumps up. He appears to be startled as if he just now realized something was going on.

The dog is satisfied that he has woken the pig, but he is still a little nervous that he might be in trouble. He takes off into another room while the pig stumbles around sleepily. Whether he actually went on to play with the dog is unknown. He may have turned around and went right back to sleep.

The two must have a pretty good friendship. The dog wasn’t too afraid, and the pig didn’t seem to be too upset. Maybe he will get to enjoy an uninterrupted nap while the family is out walking the dog. Pigs need their beauty sleep, too.