He Was Shocked To Find A Frozen Cat On The Porch, But Then He Noticed Her Paw

A Denver animal shelter has a fighter on its hands.

Elsa (named for the character in Disney’s Frozen) is a 3-month-old kitten that was found wrapped in wires on a porch, struggling to breathe.

„She was out in the cold, covered in snow. They weren’t quite sure if she was still alive,“ Megan Rees, a spokeswoman for the Dumb Friends League, told The Associated Press. „When she first got here, her temperature was not even registering on our thermometers, and those start to read at 90 degrees.“

A kitten’s normal temperature is about 101.5 degrees. Shelter staff wrapped her in blankets, put her on a heating pad, and administered an IV of warm fluids. Elsa responded well, and you can watch the snuggly kitten recovering in the AP video, below. –Sarah Eberspacher