Girl With Prosthetic Leg Is Given A Doll Exactly Like Her. Watch Her Reaction…

Emma of Cypress, Texas, cried tears of joy when she got her very own American Girl doll. What made the 10-year-old emotional was not that she waited a long time to receive this popular toy but that it looked like her. Emma was born with a rare birth defect that caused her leg to be amputated when she was nine months old.

Justin Bennett and Courtney Fletcher Bennett, had reached out to A Step Ahead Prosthetics, a New-York based company to modify the doll’s leg with a prosthetic limb. The doll came with a letter from the company that said, “she is ready to go home and lead a life without limitations with you.” Emma plays soccer, volleyball, swims, and is also in cheerleading.

Courtney says her daughter always dreamed of owning a doll that was like her. In the video that has gone viral, Emma is overwhelmed with emotions. Her parents hope this will encourage toy manufactures to create dolls with a range of abilities.