When A Farmer Sees This Wildfire – He Tries To Help In A Way That Made My Heart Race

After a hayfield went up into flames, this Colorado farmer sprung into action. Although Eric Howard knew he was putting his life at risk by battling a wildfire on his own – he was determined to try and stop it from spreading. Watch to see how the brave farmer uses his tractor to help save the day.

In the video, we see a wildfire that was ignited by a lightning bolt, after a thunderstorm swept through the rural area of Weld County, Colorado. In no time, it quickly burned 30 acres of an 80 acre field. This is when Eric jumped into his tractor to get to work.

In order to try and stop the wildfire from destroying anymore of the field – he began to plow a pathway surrounding it. It’s quite frightening watching Eric on his mission, as he is only several feet away from the scorching blaze. Wow, his bravery is really quite admirable! Because of it – he was able to stop the wildfire from destroying the rest of the field (and who knows what else). Amazing job Eric!