Figure Skaters Stand Still Seconds Before Leaping Forward Into Breathtaking Synchronized Routine

Figure skating is one of those sports that everyone loves, but no one really follows.
When it’s right in front of our faces, we can’t help but be awed by the skill and grace that go into each and every move on the ice.
But we tend not to seek it out for ourselves, instead waiting until major competitions bring it to our TV screens with little effort on our part.

And that’s a huge mistake, judging by the performance in this video.
These Russian synchronized skaters were truly breathtaking at the 2013 world championships.
From their outfits to their moves, everything is perfect. And that’s before we even mention that they’re skating to Whitney Houston’s heartbreaking song “I Will Always Love You.”

It’s the perfect recipe for a powerful, moving performance. Even one of the dancers is in tears just seconds after the performance.
I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like to be a part of something so beautiful and honest. And the execution was absolutely perfect. Not one skater takes a single step out of the incredibly synchronized performance.
It has to be such a relief to look back and know that all of your hard work paid off and you can smile alongside your teammates knowing that your performance was as flawless as humanly possible.