First Time Grandpa-To-Be Cannot Contain His Excitement When He Hears The News…

It doesn’t matter how tough you are, hearing you’re going to be a grandfather will definitely make your day. Back in 2013, YouTube user Justin Hall and his expecting wife prepared this surprise pregnancy announcement for their parents. They set up a sign with the details and then had the parents come see the announcement, all the while recording their reactions with a hidden camera. While the grandmother-to-be reacts with predictable excitement, grandpa is old school and keeps his emotions in check… until nobody’s watching, that is.

It just goes to show that good news that brings a family together will penetrate through even the hardest exteriors. This grandfather is like many men of his era who were wary of putting on too much of a display of emotions, but after seeing his real reaction, I think it’s a safe bet that as soon as his grandchild comes along that tough-guy act is going out the window.