This Looks Like a Giant Christmas Gift. And It Is. But Walk Up to It and… Pure Genius!

We know Christmas is a time for giving, but let’s be honest. Part of what makes this holiday the most wonderful time of the year is that we also love to receive! But what if someone gave you a gift with one condition – you have to give it away to someone else? Would you want to part with it? That’s what shoppers at Grand Central in Birmingham were asked to do in a video that’s going viral. It truly demonstrates what the holidays are really about.

The video, titled “The Christmas Gift Experiment,” was filmed by NBCUniversal International Networks’ Christmas 24. As people streamed through the mall, they were lured by the promise from a flashing sign that read “Free Presents” on top of a giant red gift box.

As each person approached the box, a phone rang. When they answered the call, they heard a voice on the other end asking if they’d like a present, to which most of them excitedly shouted, “Yes!”

But there was an unexpected twist. They were informed that the gift had to be given away to an unsuspecting commuter.

Although most of the people appeared slightly disappointed when they heard the unusual conditions for the present, they gladly jumped on board. Fueled by the desire to make a complete stranger’s day extra special, they ran off toward the lucky recipient the voice had described to them over the phone to give them their wrapped package.

Perhaps the most lovely result of this experiment was the look of satisfaction that the “givers” had on their faces when they saw the expressions of gratitude on the faces of their surprised recipients. “When I realised the gift was meant for someone else, I was surprised,” said Thuy Nguyen, who participated in the experiment. “But seeing the gentleman’s reaction when he opened the scarf was wonderful. Being able to bring a little happiness to someone I had never met before was a lovely feeling and what Christmas should be all about.”