The Girl Just Got A Puppy, But What She Doesn’t Realize? OMG

This video sends a very powerful message about the process of bringing a new member of your family into your home. Everyone is happy to get a new pet, and no one is happier than little kids. This video shows a young girl being so excited and happy as she meets her new puppy.

It’s a happy moment, but the video goes on to show the darker side of this scene. Every year thousands of dogs are kept in horrible conditions and forced to breed so that their puppies can be sold for a profit. Every time you get a darker that’s come from these breeding grounds, you’re feeding that system. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid doing this.

Instead of getting pets from pet shops or sketchy breeders, adopt a rescue dog who just needs another chance at a happy life. You’ll help so many people and creatures all in one move.