Granddaughter Records Grandma And Her Sister Hysterically Arguing About Directions

Gramma and Ginga might be one of the world’s oldest pairs of siblings, and the funniest. While one is 107, the other is not far behind at 97, and they both know just what to do to get on each other’s nerves. After all this time you might think’they have figured out how to get along, but apparently their hysterical personalities will always clash.

As they’re driving with their granddaughter in the car, she decides to start recording the chaos. While it’s unclear whether the two grandmas know they’re on tape, they definitely don’t care if they do know. They throw a few curse words around and disagree about every direction. When one says shut up, the other asks to be reminded of where they’re going!

If these two sisters were young kids, we might look at this video in shock. But I think they’ve earned the right to act however they please. And they definitely make things entertaining! This car ride is something I believe anyone with a grandparent can relate to. My own poppy is nowhere near 100, but he sure does say some of the things these two are saying!

Ask for directions? Never. I guess that’s an old-school rule of thumb. At least they’re not behind the wheel!