Grandma Hears Doorbell Ring, Loses Her Mind Over Person Waiting for Her at Door

Tis the season for presents and surprises and family and cheer. We get to reunite with people we haven’t seen in a while or visit with familiar faces – but friends and family definitely give Christmas its sparkle. One grandma got an early surprise this year. She didn’t expect to see who showed up.

Deborah Zofnas Reid had to plan her attack very carefully. Her son had gotten home earlier than expected, and she knew grandma would want to see him. She had to come up with a reason to visit grandma, and a way to get in the house to film the big reveal without triggering any suspicion.

And she pulled it off! Grandma was very clearly thoroughly surprised. Reid submitted the resulting video to Love What Matters with the following description:

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„This is my parents first grandchild, Dylan, and he surprised them coming home two days early. My husband and I told my parents we were stopping by to pick up something, and told my mom that we need to come inside, (since our son was in the car). I told my parents that my husband needed to use the bathroom, (otherwise my mom would have come outside). My mom was walking into the other room, when the doorbell rang. We will not be doing that to her again – as we are afraid we will giver her a heart attack, ha ha!“

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Surprising grandmas with unannounced visits from their grandchildren is a time-honored tradition.

That’s what this family did when they flew from New Jersey all the way down to Florida. It was grandma’s birthday, and she wasn’t expecting a family reunion. When the little girl rings the doorbell, she seems more excited about the dogs she hears than surprising her grandmother. But just wait until you see grandma’s reaction!

You’ll want your sound on, but maybe not too loud. You’ve been warned! The little girl seems surprised, herself, when her grandma scoops her up for a big hug. Neither of them can stop smiling and it’s just absolutely heart-melting.

Enjoy these displays of grandmotherly love and pure joy, and maybe try your hand at creating such a beautiful moment for someone you care about!