Grandpa Thought Baby Announcement Was It. But Then She Revealed The “REAL” Surprise

For three long months, Leann Aragon and her husband kept a closely guarded secret: they were pregnant.

When the time was right to share their secret, the expectant parents traveled to visit Leann’s grandfather, bursting with excitement over their news. Leann handed her grandfather an envelope and had a camera rolling to forever document his reaction. Good call on the video, because this great-granddad-to-be had a priceless reaction.

Grandpa Ried opened the envelope, took one look at the ultrasound photo, and was overwhelmed with emotion. He began sobbing, shouting, and laughing all at once, complete with a few expletives. But hey, who can blame him? This grandpa was just made the happiest great-grandfather to be, and the best part was still yet to come. “Are you serious? Are you serious?!” Grandpa Reid exclaimed in disbelief.

Just when Grandpa Ried was about to catch his breath, Leann hit him with an incredible double whammy: she was pregnant with twins. Grandpa nearly fell over. “How many?!” he exclaimed. Then, the tough-looking grandpa broke down into sobs, overwhelmed with joy.

His reaction was viewed almost 500,000 times on YouTube
and got an incredible response on Facebook as well. Hundreds of viewers
wrote to congratulate the Aragon family and share how much joy they felt
from seeing such raw emotion. “Someone hug him already!” was a popular
comment. “He had me in tears, congratulations!” said others.

gave birth to twin girls in February 2016, and there’s no doubt that
the freshly minted great-grandpa was beaming with pride. To watch his
legacy unfold before his eyes must have been unforgettable. Growing up
with grandparents is a special gift, and growing up with
great-grandparents is even more special. Congratulations to the Aragon
family, and thank you for sharing such a special family moment and
spreading joy to so many hearts.