He said the song was for his wife, the judges‘ eyes rolled until they actually heard him

Marty Brown always aspired to be a singer, but it wasn’t until his wife tricked him into a road trip that he got to perform. For years Marty would sing to his wife in the quiet of their home kitchen. She would listen with ears wide-open to his songs, all the while recognizing his talent. But it wasn’t until she had a secret plan to pack up his guitar and drive him to America’s Got Talent that Marty was able to put his dreams into focus. For his whole life he has always wanted to be a singer, and thanks to her support, one day his dreams started to come true.

His wife has had a big impact on his music, and Marty isn’t afraid to share it. During his interview he laughs, „If the judges like me, then that’s great! If they don’t, then blame my wife.“ When he stepped on the stage he was able to open up about his music, and the judges were anxious to hear what he had to share with them after knowing how passionate he is about his music. The second he began, not only were the judges enthralled with his performance, but so was the audience. While picking his guitar, his voice filled the room in a powerful way. In that moment he didn’t just sing, but he filled everyone’s hearts with emotion.

It wasn’t hard for the judges to recognize the talent that his wife saw all along. They couldn’t help but have her come on stage with him, and by that time everyone’s hearts melted. With his wife by his side, he is now chasing his dreams of being a singer after they voted him into the next round. Watch his heartfelt performance in the video below.