Her Audition Cover Of „Who’s Loving You“ Leaves Everyone Stagger

There are just some artists you don’t even try to cover on music shows like the X Factor. Their talent and legendary status is so absolute, you’re just tempting fate trying to match them up. Michael Jackson is one such singer. The King of Pop wasn’t some ironic nickname. His perfectionist upbringing resulted in some of the greatest pop hits of all time, but trying to cover them is a dangerous game.

Not for one young singer from England, though. Louisa Johnson is 17 but has already been singing for over a decade. At only nine years-old, Louisa was tackling other challenging songs, like Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.” That didn’t stop her from being all nerves as she took the stage in front of one of the world’s most infamous critics. When she starts singing, though, that all melts away and even Simon can’t believe what he’s hearing.