Her son died and she had no time to mourn. But then a voice speaks to her on the radio and everything changes.

When this mother got into the car she had no idea what would happen next. What started off as a routine drive soon became a journey she will never forget.

Michelle is from Australia and experienced the worst thing that can ever happen to a mother. Her oldest son died tragically in a workplace accident when he was only 19. From that point on nothing was the same for Michelle. Although she was grief-stricken and mourning the death of her beloved son, she still had three other children to care for. The bills were piling up and the mortgage had to be paid, but Michelle was still suffering emotionally and wasn’t ready to go back to work. Seeing that her mother needed some help, her oldest daughter Crystal had an idea and went to the local radio station to tell them her family’s story. They were so touched that they decided to offer the family some financial assistance.

Under the pretense of taking her mother to a day spa, Crystal lured her into the car and turned on the radio. As they drove along, Michelle couldn’t believe her ears when the radio announcers started talking directly to her. It’s an emotional three minutes, so make sure to grab some tissues before you start watching…

Thanks to the unbelievable generosity of the radio station, Michelle no longer had to worry about losing her house. No one can replace her son, but she is infinitely thankful for the people stood by her during this trying time.