His 23-year-old Goldfish could no longer swim. So, the owner does this to her!

How far would you go to help a pet? How important are they to you? For many people including me, pets are part of the family. I’ve had some pets go through some very tough times. One time, I had a Rottweiler. She is one dog that had a very tough story growing up. Her mother was run over by a truck, so she didn’t get the chance to get her mother’s milk.

She was very young and looked more like a Doberman than she looked a Rottweiler. Then, when she was about 5 months old, she had problems with her pancreas for which she had to go to the ‘dog hospital’. The vet was not making any promises and told us that most probably, she would not be able to make it. She recovered fully and lived a very happy life.

I’ve heard some stories about some owners bailing out on their dogs when they most need support. There was one time when a man lived alone with his dog. He had a French Poodle that had been given to him some time before. After a couple of years, the man started going through some tough times. His neighbors saw this and started giving him dog food as donations.

That winter, his dog got very sick and the man was afraid to take him to the vet because he thought that he would not have enough money to pay for the dog’s care and would end up losing him. The neighbors tried to get him to hand over the dog, so they could take him to the vet, but he felt that the dog would be taken away from him, too.

The police were informed after the man had taken the dog inside and had not let him out for about three days. The police arrived and saw the man bedridden and the dog was not moving. They called 911 and got the paramedics there. They took the man to the hospital to receive the attention he needed. They also took the dog and the vet ran some tests where they found the dog had an infection. Fortunately, the police arrived on time.

The next video features an owner that was not going to let his pet die. He has a goldfish who, believe it or not, is 23 years old. He saw that the fish was lying on the fishbowl floor and was struggling to drag himself. Apparently, the fish could only swim with one of his fins. The owner knew he had to do something about it and did THIS to change the fish’s life!